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Prof Keneth Suslick (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, US) /
Sonofragmentation and Sonocrystallization: How Solids Break and Make in Cavitating Liquids

Prof Gretar Tryggvason (Johns Hopkins University, US) /
Simulations and characterization of complex gas-liquid flows

Dr Jin Wang (Argonne National Laboratories, US)/
Precision Structure Tracking for Understanding the Interplay of Hydro- and Thermodynamic Parameters in Ultrafast Multiphase Micro-Sized Flows

Prof Jose Manuel Gordillo Arias de Saavedra (University of Seville, ES) /
Fast, inertial jets, ejected after the implosion of cavities

Prof David Fernadez-Rivas (University of Twente, Netherlands) /
Light and Electrons to make Bubbles and Droplets

Prof Stefan Hickel (TU Delft, Netherlands) /
Turbulence resolving simulation of fuel mixing and combustion with accurate multiphase-thermodynamics models for transcritical pressures

Dr Outi Tamisola (KTH Stockholm, Sweden) /
Direct numerical simulation of non-Newtonian two-phase flows

Prof Massimo Casciola (University of Roma, Italy) /
Bubble Nucleation in Flowing Liquids 

Prof Christine Pepin (University of Avignon, France) /
Ultrasound-activatable perfluorocarbon nanodroplets and resulting formulations:
Potential for brain drug delivery

Prof Siggi Thoroddsen (King Abdullah University, Saudi Arabia) /
Laser-cavitation in superfluid and solid helium 

Dr Simo Makiharju (Berkeley University, US) /
Development of in-lab X-ray particle velocimetry and multispectral CT for multiphase flows

Dr Patrik Vagovic (The European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility XFEL, Germany) /
Megahertz X-ray Microscopy, a novel tool for the characterization of stochastic dynamics
at European XFEL

Prof Nicola Taulier (University of Sorbonne, France) /
Ultrasound Induced Vaporization of Perfluorohexane Droplets and Perfluorohexane/ Water Droplets.
Evidence of a heterogeneous nucleation